Backup Services

Secure and reduce the cost of backing up your critical data

The demand for Data Storage is growing exponentially and a scalable comprehensive solution for backup, storage, and data protection is pivotal for business functions. Having said that, back-up, storage and data recovery is a mandatory requirement for all organizations not only from the perspective of business continuity but as also a regulatory requirement. Implementing and managing this necessary storage infrastructure to fulfil both your application and compliance requirements can be extremely time consuming and pricey.

Outsource your storage and backup requirements to Postiefs. Our highly scalable, cost-effective storage services assure that your data is secure, compliant and will certainly be available when you need it.

Postiefs with you right from the onset

At the onset Capacity Planning, more so for storage is a challenge for organizations given the nature and size of business, a cautions decision will encompass to meet your current and future business needs. Postiefsā€™s foremost task is to help you fully understand your storage requirements, and then derive a backup strategy that best fits your business needs, managed by an experienced team of storage experts 24x7. Our team of storage experts are available to assist you right from the design phase to ensure you have the most accurate solution that meets your needs with foresight for capacity for future growth and performance demands.

Our BaaS has been designed:

  • To free up your IT team and ensure no production downtime.
  • Responsible for successful backup (with an agreed SLA).
  • Contractually responsible for recovery of your data.