Disaster Recovery

Disasters are prone to happen and it is beyond human control, but the impact on the business can be negligible if you have a detailed DR plan chalked out. The ultimate benefit of having a comprehensive DR strategy is to run your business as usual without downtime and loss of data. Business operability and availability is the need of the hour. It is fundamental and an accepted phenomenon for organizations to have BCP to ensure uninterrupted business operation irrespective of the industry you are in.

disater recovery

Customized DR Solutions

Postiefs’s Disaster Recovery plans are tailor made to suit your unique data requirements that would include risk analysis, assessing your current Infrastructure, security practices and isolating critical business processes. Once that is done, consolidating priorities and scheduling the recovery strategy are developed around those processes. Our flexible and customizable SLA’s allows you to prioritize availability and data recovery as required

DR sites across geographies

As part of DR plans secondary sites managed by POSTIEFS can be setup in diverse geographical locations. Postiefs will design, setup, operate & maintain the Disaster Recovery site. Should your primary host be unavailable, disaster recovery plan would kick in instantly and employees, customers & suppliers will still be able to continue doing business as usual

Managed by Experts

Postiefs has dedicated and highly skilled specialists who are abreast of the standards and procedures and are available 24X7 to extend unparalleled support

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting

The DR sites are monitored rigorously and periodically, reports are available to capture any potential pitfalls.

Blissful Business

With your business round the clock irrespective where your DR site is, gives your customers the opportunity to experience the 24X7 window to do business with you.

Time - to - money

Our rapid business restoration cycle will help reduce the cost linked to lost productivity and downtime.